Video affiliates

Video affiliates

Envato Market is the world’video affiliates largest creative market place, selling millions of digital assets every year. Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.

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ADVERTISE We have a website, you have a website. We advertise ours, you need advertisers. Put our ads on your site in unfilled inventory, or just someplace awesome where you think people want to see some rockin’ ads. EARN MONEY This is pretty simple: for every member who signs up for Vimeo through an ad on your site, you make some dough. We get the member, you get the money. GET CRED Get sweet street cred by associating yourself with the best video-hosting platform on the planet.

Join us on our continued path of growth and innovation as we take over the internet, and then the galaxy. Because you earn real money every time someone signs up for a membership. Put some ads on your site, then start searching for your retirement villa in Aruba. Ready to roll around in the green stuff?

Sign up for a publisher account now! Efficiency and simplicity create perfection and that is what the latest Videoslots. In addition, our team of experts have been working around the clock on creating this new and improved affiliate system. We are working very hard on compliance and regulations, helping and making sure all our affiliates are up to date when it comes to this. It is vital to meet the requirements, requirements may change depending on which markets you promote us in. To try and make this easier for all affiliates, we have compiled guides customized to the regulations in the various markets. In these, you can see full details on what do to and how to do it.

Note: if you for some reason cannot access the documents, please try to copy-paste the links and add in your browser. The look and usability of the website have been optimized to give you a better experience, however, nothing is going to change on your account. You can now actually log in and access your account from anywhere in the world. Take your business with you, wherever, whenever! Remember when commissions used to be collected by Videoslots.

Well, all that has now been scrapped. Payment Information and submit your bank details. You only need to do this ONCE! From now on, COMMISSIONS WILL BE PAID DIRECTLY INTO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT.