Top affiliate marketing websites 2016

Top affiliate marketing websites 2016

Oops, looks like the page is lost. This is top affiliate marketing websites 2016 a fault, just an accident that was not intentional. I’ve been in affiliate marketing for more than 4 years now and there has been plenty of obstacles I had to gone through! It’s never easy, especially at the beginning.

Therefore, I’ve decided to share some of my best tips for beginners and advanced affiliate marketers as well. I try to collect truly best wordpress products and write shorts reviews, which could be helpful for web designers to choose the most suitable theme for their online projects in wordpress. I cooperate with 2 other people on webcreate. Therefore, I spend most of the time on improving SEO and the content itself! How to choose the right niche blog topic? If you’re planning to write by yourself, make sure you choose something you are comfortable with and you won’t have difficulties to write about. You’ll have to produce a lot of content!

Industry-Oriented — focus on specific industry, research and blog about industry news, upcoming trends, breakthroughs or create discussions about it. Personal — you can focus on more topics but in an entertaining manner. If you’re good in analysing information, criticizing or humor, you can become well-known blogger. Hobby or Special Interest — this is the most natural way and I personally think the best way!

Blogging about something you’re passionate about. Share your thoughts, unique knowledge or perspectives. Political Topics — if you’re able to produce informed and insightful opinions, you can try political blog. The interest in that is endless. General Interest — don’t get stucked with the areas above! There are thousands of other unknown topics around the internet which are not explored yet. You never know what will work, it might be just crazy idea now but in few months it can be famous blog.

Profit — make sure your niche is profitable! Competition — check out competition in your niche and consider your options. Research blogs, magazines, newspapers, TV shows, youtube channels, FB pages etc. Audience — find out how large is your target audience. You definitely need something popular what can bring at least 100 visitors to your website per day. Engage — how you’re going to engage and attract your audience? Consider your skills and you options in marketing and play your best card!