Santander affiliate

Santander affiliate

Here you’ll find a range of options suited to short and long-term needs. Our extensive local networks and knowledge around the world means we’re ideally placed to santander affiliate your international trade plans. Let us help you uncover the path to international success. We understand the complexity and evolving needs of businesses in a wide range of industries.

Our experts will work with you to help turn your aspirations into reality. Read the latest Santander news, market developments and insights, as well as register your interest to attend our events held across the UK. Affiliate marketing generates sales by advertising on other people’s websites, or generating commission by advertising other brands on your own site. As such, affiliate marketing is becoming an important part of online marketing culture. Essentially, if you have a strong brand or plenty of loyal customers, there now exists great potential to build on the work you have done to establish that brand or customer base.

How much is sold online through affiliate marketing? As a growing trend, affiliate marketing is becoming hard to ignore. Stuart Kilroy, Director of affiliate marketing agency Digital Motive. The affiliate marketing industry has grown significantly in the last few years and has fuelled much of the growth in the use of the internet. It is a very important part of a business’s online marketing mix, as it can deliver significant web-clicks and sales, with a much lower risk. There are two main ways to participate in affiliate marketing.

If you have an established customer base, you can advertise other brands on your site, gaining commission for each item sold. Alternatively, if you have developed a strong brand, you can create adverts that run on your affiliate sites. You pay them only when the advert generates a sale. Tim Prizeman, Director of business development advisors Kelso Consulting, says most people have bought through affiliate programmes online without even realising it.

The airline sells the ticket, but also gets a share of the hotel booking. So what are some other examples? Amazon offers commission on the products it sells via its Associates programme, while Stuart Kilroy points out that many well-known companies have been built entirely on affiliate marketing, including moneysupermarket. However, this not just for big companies, he says.