Runescape affiliate

Runescape affiliate

By creating an account, depositing or withdrawing you are agreeing to the Terms Of Service. Runescape has produced many help sites since Jagex launched the popular Runescape affiliate game.

This is some of my thoughts and actions on what I done to get my own runescape help site noticed and used by the community. On 21st October I migrated all the information from my original runescape site onto my new runescape help site. I have also looked at the adserving features for the associated runescape blogs and have now implemented banner adserving throughout my mini network. The next step is looking to increase the potential affiliate sites that will agree to run advertising throughout their sites — and for them to check if they are able to implement or integrate it into their site. At this stage, there is no direct advertisers available and the main adverts that are running are affiliate based. This is primarily to have some adverts running in order to gather up more information and statistics to be able to approach others for direct advertising opportunities.

Once sufficient statistics have been gathered up I will be in a better situation to assess the demographics of visitors to the network and as a result will be able to identify direct advertisers — which will help ensure long term development of both the site and the network. Jagex Games Studio is a world leading computer games developer and publisher and is the largest independent games studio in the UK. We are now offering the opportunity to share these great games with your site’s audience, and earn money from them! If you have a website, games portal, or blog and you want high quality games with great depth then you are good contenders to enjoy our Jagex games.

Fill in the application form and let us know which of our games you want to use. We will send you a unique affiliate URL to link to, along with our affiliate pack containing thumbnails, logos and banners to use on your site. You will also receive a login to our stats so that you can track exactly how many accounts your site is driving, and how much money you are making! By applying to become a Jagex Affiliate you are indicating that you accept our Terms and Conditions and your site meets our Affiliate Content Guidelines. If your application is successful, you will receive an email with all you need to become a Jagex affiliate.

You will be assigned a unique affiliate ID and will send your traffic to a URL with that ID incorporated. Our systems can then attribute those players as coming from your site and reward you accordingly. J-Credit purchases bought by visitors sent from your site. J-Credits goes to supporting the development, hosting, billing and service costs of the games. The remainder we split with you.

United Kingdom and trademarks used in other countries of the world. There is a great business chance to make money which is open to everyone. Once you join us, you will get permanent commission. Choose us and join the best affiliate program, which helps you make plenty of money every month! 13, you can offer to get the gold.

3 The more order sales is increasing, the more commission you will get. 4 The longer your customers are here, the longer you commission is lifetime available. Step two: Come to our live chat, Supporters will call you and confirm your information, then give you a personal id number. Step three: Ask your partners or customers to buy the items and fill out your id number. Step four: Once your commission is recorded, we will pay your commission.

As an authorized affiliate of RS3HOT. COM, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions contained in this agreement. Please read this agreement carefully before registering RS3HOT. By signing up for the RS3HOT. COM affiliate program, you indicate your acceptance of this agreement and its terms and conditions. Commissions are paid to affiliates based on successful transactions.

Successful transaction refers to non-fraudulent, not canceled, not refund. Due to the high frequency of credit card fraud and cancellation rates, RS3HOT. Rs3hot also reserves the right to cancel commission in the event that rs3hot is unable to collect funds, the order is fraudulent, the customer cancels and is refunded, or if rs3hot learns that the commission was earned improperly. Due to our evolving business, and the changing nature of rs gold industry, these terms of service may change.