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Movies affiliates

Jump to navigation Jump to search The following is movies affiliates list of current affiliates of Movies! This list consists of confirmed Movies! Evangel World Prayer Center of Kentucky Inc.

Any launch dates noted are subject to change. Movie Affiliates Make money from your movie website and maximize your earnings with our top-performing movie affiliate program. Top conversions Our team works directly with program owners to implement best practices in order to increase your conversion rates and maximize your earnings. Available in ALL countries Our services are available worldwide in 208 countries. Popular locations include English-speaking countries and Northern Europe. Highest payout rates We offer industry-beating commission rates for all your movie, music, game, ebook and media traffic.

Same day approval New accounts are reviewed and approved promptly. You have instant access to our marketing platform as soon as your account is activated. Optimized ad-serving Ads will automatically display the best converting creatives and landing pages to maximize conversions and increase revenue. We guarantee that all payments will be made on time, every time. Real-time statistics You have complete access to up-to-the-minute stats including click-throughs, conversions, visitors, browsers and much more.

Full analytics View click stats by keywords, campaign, country and tracking code. These reports help you see what works well and how you can make improvements. 7 support If you have any questions your dedicated affiliate manager will always be available to help. Simply send an email or get in contact by IM. Sign up to our movie affiliate program! To sign up as a new affiliate, please click the button below and complete the registration form on the next page.

We’ll send you a confirmation email with a link to our advertising panel once your registration has been processed. New applications are approved within 24 hours so you can start promoting as soon as possible. Your access will be limited for a few hours until a dedicated affiliate manager reviews your application. The Movie Affiliates team works closely and diligently with affiliates and webmasters to maximize their traffic’s revenue potential. The Movie Affiliates team will work directly with affiliates to optimize smart ads, increase revenues and address all issues along the way.

35 for every lead you send through our affiliate network — with no limits! Optimized landing pages to maximise conversion rates for the visitors you send us. Movie Affiliate runs a high performance affiliate program aimed directly at affiliate marketers who operate websites in the entertainment sector. We work with webmasters who are interesting in making money by running our CPA offers in the movie, game, ebook, and music verticals. Earn money for each free trial sign up you send us! Sign up for a free account — it only takes a few minutes to register. Add your unique affiliate link to your website, blog, PPC campaign or app.

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