List of affiliate marketing websites in india

List of affiliate marketing websites in india

Online shopping websites are paying massive amounts of commissions to their affiliates for promoting their products. If your site attracts plenty of visitors, list of affiliate marketing websites in india should not miss this great opportunity. Check out our top online shopping affiliate programs in India and start making money right away.

Online shopping has seen a tremendous surge over the last few years. People now prefer buying things online within their comfort zone rather than walking into a store and making a purchase. Due to this, e-commerce websites have raised their game at advertising, trying to attract new customers. They are looking for affiliate partners that can effectively promote their products and bring them more customers. If your website receives a decent amount of traffic and you think you can bridge the gap between an online store and its customers, you should become an online shopping affiliate.

If you own a website of purchase, choose the Shopping Partner program, but if you own a content-based website whose primary goal is to provide timely information, pick the Content Partner program. Either way, you will be promoting Snapdeal products through your site. Any purchases made through your affiliate link are validated at the end of the next month. The payments take another 30 days to reach your bank account. For example, the purchases made in March are validated at the end of April, and the commission is released to your bank account at the end of May. Snapdeal also offers a range of tracking tools to show you a clear picture of what is happening.

Snapdeal affiliate program is free to join. People of all ages love to buy from Snapdeal. The speed at which Snapdeal is growing is a perfect reason for joining its affiliate program. To make money with Flipkart’s affiliate program, you need to place product banners or links on your website. An affiliate is paid in cash through EFT or in the form of gift vouchers. If you choose to get paid in cash, the minimum commission required is Rs. To get paid in gift vouchers, you need to accumulate at least Rs.

Joining the Flipkart affiliate program does not require any charges or hidden fees. Your earnings for a product reflect in your account once the order is delivered. Usually, you can see your earnings in approx. Flipkart provides you with robust and intuitive tools to track your progress. You can always check your referral and payment status with various tools and reports. Over the last few years, Flipkart has become a household name in India when it comes to online shopping.

Advertise its products to make some money starting today. Amazon India offers an amazing affiliate program called Amazon Associates. Unlike other affiliate programs, it pays you for all the products that a visitor buys after following your links and not just for the specific products that you advertise. Amazon is well known for its high commission rates so rest assured that you could make a handsome amount of money by being an Amazon Associate. Amazon pays its affiliates on a monthly basis.

60 days following the end of a calendar month. Your minimum earned commission must be Rs. 2500 in the case of cheque and Rs. 1000 in the case of NEFT.

To help you track your progress, Amazon has some useful apps and tools that are available round the clock. Please note that the affiliate program is offered free of cost and you are not charged anything for using various tools and reports. People love to buy from Amazon and often more than one product in a single session, so it makes perfect sense to be an affiliate with Amazon India. It offers a fairly impressive affiliate program known as Jabong Partner Program. Your sales for the current month are validated at the end of the next month, and by the end of the following month, you get paid. Jabong Partner Program is free to join. To become an affiliate with Jabong, your site must have a minimum monthly traffic of 50,000 or more, it must be a relevant website, and it should not contain profanity.

Jabong also provides you with multiple apps and tools to check how well your site is doing. Detailed reports are also provided regularly. Jabong has earned a lot of respect in a matter of just a few years. There is potential in this shopping website, so joining it as an affiliate is not a bad idea after all. You do not need to pay money to Indiamart to become an affiliate. The payments are made on a monthly basis.