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Commission on net room nights according to the conditions defined in our Sales conditions. 4,200 hotels in more than 95 countries in the world from economy affiliate luxury. What are your partner affiliate platforms?

We seek to best meet the needs of our affiliates, which is why we give you the opportunity to choose the Affiliate Platform depending on the market you are targeting and the language of your site. What is the method of Remuneration for your Programme? The payment method for our Affiliation Programme is based on performance, that is, you receive a commission as a percentage of the total amount of net bookings made on the website Accorhotels. 30 days after the last click. How much commission can I get?

On what basis am I paid? Reservations are visible in real time on our Platforms with «pending» status. Reservations are validated automatically using our reservation systems on a weekly basis. Reservations not validated within 375 days will automatically change to » Refused » status. What are the Reservations that may be refused?

A Visitor coming from a hypertext link set up on the site of the said Affiliate and making a reservation with a specific tariff, that is to say not available without a specific identifier. A Visitor coming from a hypertext link set up on the site of the said Affiliate and making a reservation for a hotel brand not expressly listed in Article 10. In order to guard against fraud, we have set up a regular check-up of our Reservations with our Affiliate Platforms. We reserve the right to refuse without any explanation, suspicious or fraudulent Reservations and, in case of repeated infringements, to stop the participation of the fraudulent affiliate and to eliminate all or part of the Remuneration to be collected. How do you know I generated a sale?

Each hyperlink that you put in place from one of our 2 Affiliate Platforms is associated with a unique reference corresponding to your site. This reference is automatically returned to our Platforms when a visitor clicks on the hyperlink present on your site and makes a reservation on Accorhotels. How can I monitor my performance and know the Commissions that I have cumulated? You can monitor your performance by accessing the reports available on our Affiliate Platforms. There are many reports that allow you to plot, measure and calculate your performance. How often am I paid and how? Commissions will be paid by bank transfer at the end of each month according to the conditions specific to each of our Affiliate Platforms.