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Difference in height between original placement target and final target. If none, place element in first location that does not follow a reject element. Not going to place element: return 0. Fling aims to turn existing iOS and Android apps into remote controls for Amazon’s streaming stick and set-top box.

Much like the Cast functionality in Chromecast, Fling doesn’t simply mirror the smaller screen’s display. Instead, it points the Fire TV to a web address for streaming music and video, and sends playback instructions from the app’s on-screen buttons. This helps conserve battery life while freeing up the phone or tablet for other tasks. But this uses a standard called DIAL that has not been widely supported by other apps. So far, however, app support for Fling is limited. Amazon points to a couple examples, one of which is a karaoke app, while the other is an app for personalized Internet radio. Why this matters: Even if you prefer to use a proper remote control, casting comes in handy when you’re on the couch with a phone or tablet in your hands.

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