Casino affiliation

Casino affiliation

Affiliate program A successful affiliate program that provides partners incredible statistics and great benefits for the European market. We are the ideal partner for you and your business to increase your income and traffic. Over 10,000 Subscribers With a high number of traffic already casino affiliation through our exceptional service, you’ll regret missing out on such a profitable move. Commission A clear and fair commission structure that encourages a successful partnership between us and our growing affiliated partners.

With the success we will bring to your website, you’ll be bound to feel the benefits as your revenue streams continue to grow and grow. A variety of tools Many tools are made personally for you and your website to reap the benefits for, with liaison with your very own account manager. A technical team are also on hand to ensure you use the tools in the best ways you can, and these include: banners, dynamic application, tracking, email kit etc. Promotions A wide-range of bonuses and promotions specialised for you that will continue to entice new players to the website thanks to our in-depth understanding of the industry. Our knowledge of what works with these bonuses will help you to get the rewards for your hard work. New Interface A new state-of-the-art interface allows you to create a website that’s easy to navigate and clearly describes what products you provide. This can only help your design reach your target market with clear information that will help drive your performance on SEO.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, we can offer it. It’s no wonder they’re a true leader in the industry, if you want to see why? Check out one of their many successful websites right now! First in Fun, First in Cash. They certainly laid out their intentions clearly, but they can’t be accused of not delivering in that. Those registered on the website are also able to watch a variety of sporting events that are happening around the world, to allow customers to bet and watch their markets all in one place. Their promotions and bonuses section of their website is constantly being updated with new and exciting ways to offer the players the best experience out there.

If you’re fan of Casino, that website is the place for you. Languages available We are available to provide the best experience for partners in as many as 12 countries. With knowledge of many markets, we’ll be able to provide exceptional service for those speaking in any of the mentioned countries’ languages. This can also come via a range of platforms, including: IPhone, IPad and Android.

GEO-TAREGETING The content is displayed depending on the IP, and the banner or landing page will be displayed accordingly. LANDING PAGE MOBILE : Specific with the software technology, which includes a call-to-action and a visible tracking software. DESIGN ADAPTATIF Depending on the software used to view the site, the visibility of the page will change accordingly to ensure comfortable reading and navigation. MOBILE Whatever the site is being viewed on, the change will be automatic so it’s immediately relevant for the customer’s device. This can help with the navigation and aesthetics of your website, as well as the practicality function of informing your visitors what is happening in the world of sport.