Betfred affiliates

Betfred affiliates

An affiliate is an independent website that promotes another businesses products or services. In the case of Betfred the affiliate earns commission every time a referred player generates revenue for Betfred. To join the Betfred affiliate program sign up by clicking below. All your earnings for casino, poker, sports, games, betfred affiliates, lotto and virtual sports are consolidated into one easy monthly payment.

There are no limits on what you can earn! How many affiliate programs can I belong to? You can belong to as many affiliate programs as you like. Do I pay if my players win? Can I join the Betfred affiliate program? If your site meets all our affiliate terms and conditions you can join the affiliate program! How do I create an account?

Simply click on the button below and sign up with our affiliate team at Activewins. Once you have been accepted your personal manager will be in touch. How long will I have to wait for my account to be created? Sign up in minutes and we’ll quickly review your application so you can start earning! Each player who clicks on a Betfred advert on your site and then immediately registers will be tagged with your site-id.

You will then get a percentage of all profit they generate. How are customers linked to my account? Customers will be linked to you with a special code called a btag. What does the btag code mean? The btag contains all the information we need to know to see where a player has come from. Where do I get my tracking code?

From there select the correct options from the boxes on the left side of the screen. A unique link will be generated which you should use as the link for your Betfred advert. How do I implement my tacking code? Your tracking code will be provided in HTML format. Use this code as the link behind the ad you want to run for Betfred. Can I use Betfred keywords in my marketing?

You can drive traffic to your site using any marketing method. What are the commissions for each product? Each Betfred product offers unique affiliate commission percentages and structures. Visit our commission’s structure page for details. Stats are updated on a daily basis.

To see your stats login to your affiliate account and click on reports and statistics. How do I track my earnings and referrals? Once approved you can monitor daily traffic, earnings and referrals. 50 As an affiliate you should receive your payment around the 20th of each month.