Betezy affiliates

Betezy affiliates

No tiers, no hurdles once you’re approved. Please forward this error screen to cp10-wtl. Welcome betezy affiliates the Internet, a place of free content and entertainment.

Well, that’s what it seems like right. You don’t pay to watch youtube, read reviews, get livescores, post on your own wall and tweet whatever you like. The Internet is this amazing place where everything you want is free. Let’s take the two most popular sites.

You pay zero to use these services and they add a heap of value to your life. These platforms make you the product. They then allow advertisers to target you with ads they feel you will click on. The advertisers pay Facebook and Google a fraction of a cent to a few bucks to show you an ad, and eventually, you buy a product which allows them to buy more and more ads. It’s one big circle of life, but as you do not directly pay for the platform, you believe it is free. Every website on the Internet uses a few different ways to pay the bills. Most are like Facebook and use pay per click advertising, some use a subscription model and others use affiliates.

Have you ever seen a book or product review that links to the product on Amazon? These companies, like any media company, harvest your time and attention and transform it into revenue. There is nothing wrong with this model. It benefits every single person in the chain.

A Betting Site example I’m sure many of you may have heard that the Punters. Punters is a media site for the Australian Horse racing market. It also generates almost all of it’s revenue from affiliate advertising. I can only guess, but assume it is the biggest affiliate in Australia. There is a heap of other sites in the betting market that use affiliate marketing to make a huge profit and continue to create products and content that their users want.