Best affiliate marketing websites 2018

Best affiliate marketing websites 2018

It’d be nice to best affiliate marketing websites 2018 more money off of your blog, right? After all the effort it takes to make a blog successful. You need to start making some kind of revenue from it.

That’s a pretty difficult question to answer. There’s a lot of right and wrong answers to it, too. Depending on your blog niche, traffic, etc. More specifically, the best affiliate website for you, as any kind of blogger.

Let’s get into the top 15 affiliate websites any level of blogger can benefit from. ShareASale has been in business 17 years now, and they’ve definitely kept up with the times. Featuring a plentiful marketplace full of merchants catering to almost everything you can think of, there’s always going to be relevant products for you to promote. Digital and standard payout options are available. With digital payment options being so rare among the popular affiliate websites, this earns major points for them! As you’re picking and choosing which merchants to work with, you get a huge library of products to choose from to promote.

Not as straightforward as some of its competitors, meaning it’ll take more time to set up comparatively. Not a major issue, but does require a little technical know-how. The online marketplace that can deliver anything from candy to a fully-functional drone to your door in a day. Every niche has its space on Amazon, which is why it’s such a great starting point for an Affiliate Marketing venture.

All purchases the referred traffic make on Amazon, even if it’s not the product you linked to, count towards your affiliate revenue. A one-stop shop for many people, causing orders to be far larger than the one product link they click on. The affiliate cookie only lasts 24 hours. If they come back and purchase after 24 hours, no revenue for you sadly! You can only get paid by cheque, bank transfer or Amazon gift card.

Hopefully, they branch into digital payment methods soon. All you need to do is find listings you want to help promote, promote them using Ebay’s Partner Network tools, and you get paid! Someone, somewhere, is selling any legal product you can think of. The most straightforward affiliate sales methods. Double Commission for the first 3 months. The downside of the auction side of things.

As a blogger yourself, you’re likely familiar with it. So, for those of you in niches where your audience will also be trying to sell online, Shopify is a great affiliate partnership for you to point them to. It’s a platform worth referring people to. Shopify is the leading contender in its space.