Banner affiliates

Banner affiliates

WHMCS comes with a built in affiliates system. Affiliates are often key to a business in order to generate revenue by having others refer customers. 001 When a visitor clicks this link they will be taken banner affiliates your site and a cookie saved on their computer. General Settings and then select the Affiliates tab.

From here you can set the initial bonus deposit amount, the minimum withdrawal level, the payout delay and the percentage to payout. This can be overidden on a per product basis when configuring a product. And you can then overide the commission settings further on a per client basis and set a specific commission rate for an individual affiliate, ideal for rewarding your best affiliates. Affiliate Commission Delay — the number of days to delay commission payments so that you aren’t paying commissions as soon as you receive the order. See the Commission Delay section below for more info. Any setup fee will be included in the initial commission.

Thereafter recurring commissions are based upon the product’s Recurring Amount. From here you can choose a percentage or fixed amount commission. Ticking the One Time Payout checkbox will give the commission only once. The default commission setting for WHMCS is recurring.

It is possible to disable commission entirely for an individual product from this page by selecting the No Commission option. However, if either the client or the product commission are set to one time, that setting will override. To offer a unique commission click the «View Affiliate Details» link on the Client’s Summary Tab and you can set the commission as above. If the referred client uses a promotional code to receive a discount when signing up and you have configured the affiliate to receive a percentage commission, the value of the commission will be reduced. If a fixed amount commission is configured then they will still receive the full value. For example if a ‘3 months free’ promo is used the affiliate gets the commission based on the first payment amount and then recurring amounts that the product is set to. So the user would get a percentage of zero and therefore zero for the first 3 months.

Commission payments already earned will be unaffected. This does not apply to one-time commissions. This option allows you to set the number of days to delay commission payments so that you aren’t paying affiliates as soon as you receive an order. The way this works is that instead of paying commission instantly when you are paid, it waits for a period of days and then only pays the commission should the product or service still be active after that period of time has passed. For example you could set it to wait 60 days before paying the commission for a sale on the basis that most fraudulent transactions will have been reported to you within that time.