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Political Views Cash was beyond partisan politics, though his music and his message addressed the political and social ills of his time. Johnny Cash was born in Kingsland, Arkansas and raised in Dyess, Arkansas. He died in Nashville, Tennessee in 2003. 1 And when he professed his faith, it was at once poetic, sarcastic, and condemning. I’m a Christian—Don’t put me in another box.

Cash was always a conflicted soul. He struggled with drugs, alcohol, and women. But he seemed to keep his faith in his pocket. Cash knew he wasn’t the perfect Christian, but he did his best. There is a spiritual side to me that goes real deep, but I confess right up front that I’m the biggest sinner of them all. At the very end of his life, just after his long-time wife June Carter Cash had died, Cash often said he would be seeing her soon in heaven.

Black politics Cash was quite political, particularly with his music. Through his music, Cash fought against the injustice brought upon Native Americans, he spoke out against Vietnam, and he condemned racism and prejudice. 6 His ideals were the ideals of freedom and justice and an equal opportunity for all. I like to think that Johnny was above politics and more about people and peace and happiness and cooperation. The religion of Johnny Cash, country music star. Johnny Cash: As a believer that Jesus of Nazareth. Johnny Cash was NOT a Republican.

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