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Affiliate with us

Welcome to Magical Mayhem, an active future Harry Potter Roleplay celebrating ten years of magic! Set two hundred years after the books, we host a friendly and affiliate with us-growing community of original characters and talented writers. Best viewed in Chrome or Safari.

We’re experimenting with a new way to claim HOUSE POINTS! Click the link to claim any points you might’ve earned during the month of January. CLASSROOM THREADS are now available in the Herbology Greenhouses, Magical Creatures Paddock, Astronomy Tower, and North Tower! New classrooms are on the way! If you completed the 25,000 Words of Christmas challenge, don’t forget to create your new student by February 28th to do so without recent posts! The thread title should be your forum name, with an optional brief description.

No needless symbols before or after this title. Repeat ads are allowed after one month. All ads over one month old are deleted periodically, so if you do not see your ad, you know you are good to post again! Words», you must put spaces between so that this does not stretch our board. You must have a guest-friendly, easy-to-find area for us to link back if you advertise on our site. If we are unable to link back to your site, your advertisement will be deleted. Post by Magical Mayhem on May 17, 2011 19:41:25 GMT -5 AFFILIATE WITH US!

Site must have at least 25 registered members for roleplaying sites or 50 registered members for non-roleplaying sites. Site must be open for at least one month. Site must have at least 75 registered members for roleplaying sites or 125 registered members for non-roleplaying sites. Site must be open for at least three months. Site must have at least 25 members online daily. Our button must also be static on your site. We allow a maximum of 10 partners.

We ask that our partners allow no more than 15 partners on their site. Partnership is meant to be mutually beneficial and more visible than scrolling affiliates, so it’s not quite fair if your button is shown next to 9 other sites and ours is shown next to 29 others. Our button must be visible on the main page of your forum, not hidden behind a link or a tab. Your button must be standard affiliation button size of 88×31 and not be overly animated. If we apply to affiliate or partner with you and you have not accepted within two weeks, we will remove your button. If your site has no posts from members for over a month, or is put into Offline Mode, we will remove your button. The awful thing about life is this: everyone has their reasons.

Post by Admin MJ on Jan 29, 2019 15:03:46 GMT -5 Ugh delayed again, sorry. We are already affiliates but we’ve updated the images for our affiliate buttons. Thank you so much for being an affiliate of X-Generation! Post by Admin MJ on Feb 3, 2019 13:43:47 GMT -5 UPDATED! Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. Calculate Shipping Cost from USA now!

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