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Buying your first phone was an event to remember. You probably remember exactly what kind of phone it was, and how happy you were to use its new features. It seemed like the greatest thing on earth, at the time. However, that phone started to get older. And there were newer, better versions on the market.

You probably didn’t even feel remorse when you replaced your first phone with your second. For many affiliates, Amazon Associates was the first program that they started with. It was new, exciting and everything seemed wonderful. However, now people are questioning their reliance on Amazon Associates and are seeking alternatives. That being said, is the Target affiliate program a viable option for former Amazon Associates?

Who can really benefit from changing to Target? We’re going to see how Target compares to Amazon, in both the positives and the negatives. Then we’ll see who especially could use a change to Target. The big uproar against Amazon Associates came when they changed their commission structure in 2017. Those who once earned the highest rate because of their volume of sales were banished to the lowest earnings due to promoting products falling in a certain category. Commissions with the Target affiliate program are also divided by category, as with Amazon Associates. However, the more monthly net orders you refer, the higher the commission rate goes.

You can also get bonuses when people start a wedding, baby or college registry, or when they sign up for a REDcard. You can see the full commission structure for Target here. The Best Features of the Target Affiliate Program A Large Range of Products Target has a large variety of products for you to promote on your website. Target is known as an everything-store, and most affiliates can make this program work for them, no matter what niche they specialize in. However, as we mentioned above, only four categories will actually earn commission for affiliates.

That means you have a much greater chance of getting commission from a purchase! Also, the Target affiliate program has an interesting bonus: You’ll get paid commission on any purchase that’s made during those 7 days, not just on the first purchase. For example, let’s say someone clicks on your link today. Tomorrow, they end up purchasing what you recommended. Three days later, they decide to make another purchase on Target’s website.

You’ll get commission, not just for the first purchase but for the second as well! Creative Options for Advertising Target’s affiliate program offers product widgets, banners and other creative material for affiliates to use along with their links. In fact, there are over 150 different banners available for use! In this way, you can keep your users updated on sales, promotions or new merchandise available within the online store. Banners are also available in many different sizes, depending on how you want them displayed on your website. While the commissions from Target are by no means high, they are at least average for the industry. Take them straight to Target’s dedicated team, and you’ll get a prompt response.

Wide variety of products to promote. Most niches can find a place to settle in the Target affiliate program. Target is well-known in the US. This will help your conversion rates, as you’re encouraging people to buy from a place they already know and trust. If you’re an affiliate with multiple websites, it’s easy to get started on Target’s affiliate program.

When you apply, just list all of the websites you want to use, and they’ll all be approved for affiliate marketing. When someone clicks on your affiliate link, you will receive commissions for all purchases made within 7 days. With over 150 up-to-date banners, besides other creative materials, affiliates have plenty to place on their website. Amazon dominates the online commerce market. Since Target is more known as a brick-and-mortar store, your conversion rates will probably be lower with them. Program is run through Impact Radius.