Affiliate storefronts

Affiliate storefronts

The affiliate program provides a unique way for your website affiliate storefronts app to link to millions of songs and albums, as well as books, audiobooks, movies, and TV shows. We offer tools to make it easy to link to our stores including Link Maker, Widget Builder, Banner Builder, our Identity Guidelines and more. The affiliate program is available in many countries and regions.

Apply to join the program or learn more. Admit it: You’ve thought about dabbling in affiliate marketing. After all, who wouldn’t want to make an extra buck by sharing a few products on their blog or Twitter? But unless you’re an Internet superstar, chances are you won’t end up making much from traditionally low-commission affiliate programs. New York City-based Consignd believes it has a better solution. Instead of dealing with an online retailer’s affiliate program, Consignd lets you create your own storefront to show off cool products. Much like Fab and other online shopping sites, Consignd has drop-shipping relationships with companies and their brands, which means orders come directly from the manufacturer.

The big benefit to that: Higher commissions for you. Since it took out the middle man, Consignd sees a surprisingly high margin of 40 to 45 percent with a typical brand relationship, which lets it offer its users commissions between 20 and 25 percent. Consigd is a member of Enterpreneur Roundtable Accelerator’s most recent class of startups in New York City. Sherwin and the rest of the Consignd team are feverishly prepping for ERA’s demo day, which is being held tomorrow. Consignd has certainly come a long way since my initial chat with Neil Parikh, cofounder and head of business development, a few months ago. The company was initially focusing on smaller sellers, like people who offer products on Etsy or sell at local flea markets.

Sherwin described them, and bigger brands. It’s also attracted three of the top 20 Pinterest users, according to Sherwin. As any parent or volunteer knows, fundraising can be a major pain in the butt. Staffing bake sales and book fairs is no one’s idea of fun.

Nor is trooping door-to-door with kids as they peddle overpriced wrapping paper, flower bulbs, or popcorn to the neighbors. It’s no surprise then, that many schools, charities, and other nonprofits are turning to the internet to increase the scope and pace of their fundraising efforts. Digital fundraising opens up many doors, but it’s not without its hassles. This is where affiliate storefronts can help. Affiliate storefronts are an easy way for clubs, teams, and school groups to take advantage of the buying power of their individual networks without all the hassle of building and maintaining their own affiliate website. And for merchants, they are a powerful way to connect with non-traditional affiliates and new customers.