Affiliate redirect

Affiliate redirect

I am sure that everyone knows what affiliate marketing means. But just to make myself clear for everyone, affiliate marketing it’s when someone promotes to others a product or service that is not his own affiliate redirect he gets a commission out of it. Some of you most probably use affiliate links for your blog and want to get some money out of the great resources your refer. It helps paying for hosting, domain renewal and, if you’re lucky enough, you can even get a nice extra income out of affiliate marketing.

But people want to protect their privacy,  thing that they should do, and this is the reason why they will not always click on links that might look spammy or, let’s say, not so nice-looking. Fortunately for you, in the article below, I will explain how you can use 2 handy tools to setup some pleasantly looking affiliate links using friendly URLs for your blog. Thesis makes it simple for you to get rid of ugly affiliate links. In the editor scroll down to the , within the options.

First, you need to create a page on your blog using a friendly permalink. In the search box type and look for the plugin with the list of results. Once installed, visit the section, look for the plugin and select to add a new 301 redirect. The should be your newly created page and the , the affiliate link you want customize. After making all the settings, just press the button and you can begin using your newly created affiliate link.

Do you have any other ways of getting rid of ugly affiliate links? If you do, please let us know in the comments below. Otherwise, let me know if the tutorial helped you to have one. I help growing solopreneurs build a sustainable and balanced business with proven and actionable advice. I am also the creator and co-founder of Elevatr, a new email marketing software that lets you build an engaged and targeted audience with powerful and easy-to-use email marketing tools. I would really love to hear your opinion on this one. Let us know, what tools you’re using for the plastic surgery of your affiliate links.

I currently only have a few Amazon affiliate links posted in an article here and there, but I don’t really plan on making money off of them. You can really use these methods to change how the Amazon affiliate links look like. Even if you don’t plan making money off of them, it’s good to keep them short, good-looking, than long and ugly. However, Amazon it’s a trusted website and people will always click on Amazon links, even if they are ugly. Nice advice, I didn’t actually knew that there is a wordpress plugin for that. I think you could do this using your . I will think about it and maybe I will add this in the article as an alternative method for more experienced users.