Affiliate marketing websites examples

Affiliate marketing websites examples

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Here are 50 examples of niche websites that are making real money to get you started. Learn from someone else who is already successful rather than reinventing the wheel. What is an Amazon Affiliate Website? An Amazon Affiliate Website is any website that earns money by linking products from their website to the Amazon store. This can be a blog that references a product with a link back to Amazon, so customers can purchase that item referenced. Or on a larger scale, a whole marketplace website that references numerous Amazon Products.

The idea is that you are referring customers to Amazon where you gain a commission if a user buys from the Amazon store. Click here to create your own website with affiliate marketing. This is one of my favorite Amazon Affiliate Websites because it’s so freaking cool! These guys gather up the coolest gadgets, gifts, tech and oddities from Amazon and around the web to showcase on their website. These are gag gifts and fun gadgets people love to buy. They likely use a SEO tool like SEMrush to find great blog post ideas.

5k, how to set up your own blog and what you need to do to get more traffic. Join us to get wonderful blogging tips and access to this amazing course! I will guard your email with my life. This website started in 2000 as a review website which helped consumers by reviewing different products and offering the consumer the chance to purchase the product. These have become a very popular way for bloggers to create Amazon affiliate websites. It’s a great way to feature products and a good review can be very motivating for someone to purchase.

This is a great example of a top notch review site. They start at the homepage notifying that they make affiliate commissions, but provide top end reviews from independent reviewers. This is great to be honest up front. In addition to being transparent, they also take the content is king strategy.

Keep in mind that these high priced items produce high commissions. So you can get an idea of their commission revenue. Another amazon affiliate website that list gadgets and gear that the website reviews. They come out and say it on their homepage, they earn money by affiliate commissions. Apparently this sites receives over 1. 8M visitors, which is pretty impressive considering this site only started in 2013.

I guess the moral of the story is, it’s not too late to start a review website. It also helps to have incredibly long reviews. This is an interesting style review website that reads more like a magazine than a review site. This definitely helps give it some more credit than throwing a up a bunch of products and hoping people read them. It’s interesting that it takes a different approach, rather than writing long content, it focuses on a clean layout and video reviews to show people the product they’re testing, racking in 2.