Affiliate marketing strategy

Affiliate marketing strategy

But even if you have some affiliate marketing strategy with affiliate marketing, how much do you know about doing it effectively? And so, if any of the above describes you, I’m glad you’re here! Stick around, because you’re going to learn some incredibly useful things about affiliate marketing and how it can fit into your online business success. In this EPIC 8-PART SERIES, I’ll give you everything you need to get started and succeed with affiliate marketing, and create massive value for you and your audience along the way.

I’ve also assembled it into an easy-to-read PDF that’s great for note-taking. To get the PDF, fill out the form below and I’ll email it to you. It contains all the information you see in this series, just in a more portable package. For the newbies out there, what exactly is affiliate marketing? You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

In essence, you’re generating an income by sharing, recommending, and promoting another company’s or person’s product or service. In other words, when you help another company generate sales, you get a cut! Perhaps the best part is, you don’t have to create your own product, because someone else has already done the hard work. That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing: that you don’t have to invest the time and effort to create something to sell. You can begin making money as an affiliate as soon as you have a platform to sell products. All you have to do is send traffic through a link to that product, and everything after that is out of your hands . Like many things, it’s relatively easy to get started with affiliate marketing, but more challenging to succeed.

Don’t get me wrong—when done the right way, affiliate marketing can be a huge difference maker. But doing it right requires work and a smart strategy—and it especially means not putting the desire for short-term gain over the needs of your audience. We’ll talk more about all that in a second. But first, a little bit about how affiliate marketing has been such a crucial piece of my own business success—and what the right mindset has to do with affiliate marketing the right way. Successful Affiliate Marketing Is About Mindset Affiliate marketing is something I’ve been involved in ever since 2009 on my very first website. 200,000 in commissions over the years. Since then, I’ve branched out and diversified my affiliate income sources.

But much more than that—I’ve made affiliate marketing a cornerstone of my business strategy and my biggest single source of revenue. You don’t have to worry about creating your own products, customer service is mostly out of your hands, and you can get started as soon as today if you wanted to. 3 million in commissions over the years. But it hasn’t been smooth sailing the whole time. Every time I’ve put money before serving my audience, I’ve failed.

That’s a recipe for disaster—or at least lousy results. They also think that because the product they’re promoting isn’t their own, that it doesn’t need to be treated like their own—but they’re plain wrong. Because of all these factors, it’s not surprising affiliate marketing has gotten a bad rap over the years. But is that rap totally deserved? You Can Do Affiliate Marketing Right—I’ll Show You How Yes, affiliate marketing has a bit of an image problem. But image isn’t everything, and in this case, it obscures the truth that affiliate marketing can be done smartly, honestly, and in a way that serves you and your audience. That’s why I’ve made it a big part of my mission to change the perception of affiliate marketing, and to show people how to do affiliate marketing the smart way.

I’m here to tell you that you CAN do it right, and even have people thank you for your product recommendations. You see, when you go about things the right way and recommend products people really want and need, there’s a virtuous cycle that comes into play. When someone thanks you for your recommendations, they’re more likely to take you up on further recommendations you make down the road. They’re more likely to trust and value your advice and hopefully, eventually become raving fans. They’re more likely to become part of the core, devoted audience that forms the foundation of your online business success—in affiliate marketing and everything else you do.

Making that happen is exactly what this series of epic articles on affiliate marketing is going to show you how to do. Together, we’ll learn how you can serve your audience and cultivate raving fans by tapping into the power of affiliate marketing. I’m talking 5 figures a month! I know how powerful affiliate marketing can be when it’s done the right way, and I know what a difference it can make for you and your audience when you’re promoting products and services that can really help them out. That’s why I’m rooting for you to succeed, and it’s why I put together this epic guide to affiliate marketing. It’s the guide I wish I’d had when I started my affiliate marketing journey way back in 2009. Affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful ways to generate an income online.

But before we explore the huge potential of affiliate marketing, we need to understand what it is and how it works. Once we’ve got the nuts and bolts down, I’ll show you my five-step framework to getting started with affiliate marketing. You’ll learn the importance of using trust as the foundation of all your affiliate marketing activities. Then, we’ll break down the process of creating and running an affiliate marketing program into executable steps. Now that you’ve got the basics down, we’ll dig into the strategies and tactics that will help you accelerate your affiliate marketing success. We’ll revisit some of the crucial basics, go over the must-dos of affiliate marketing, explore different promotion types, dig into some advanced affiliate marketing strategies, and uncover ways to stay on track when the going gets tough. Affiliate marketing is easy to do—and easy to do wrong.

With all the focus so far on what you should do to succeed with affiliate marketing, we’ll inject some balance into the equation with some insight into what you need to avoid if you want to be successful in your affiliate marketing endeavors. To take your affiliate marketing to the next level, you’re going to need to fill your toolkit with some top-class tech. These are 12 tools I love and recommend, from apps to web services to physical products and more, to help you seriously up your affiliate product promotion game. If you’re thinking about working with an affiliate marketing network, the world’s most popular marketplace can be a great place to start. We’ll cover how to sign up and start picking and promoting Amazon products, as well as strategies for success—the must-dos and must-don’ts that go into making Amazon a key piece of your affiliate marketing stable. Now that you’re armed with some serious knowledge, tools, strategies, and possibilities to take with you on your affiliate marketing journey, what’s next? Well, I’ve still got a few more resources up my sleeve for you .

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