Affiliate marketing pros and cons

Affiliate marketing pros and cons

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More than 15,000 advertisers rely on affiliate marketing for part of their revenue today. Spendings in the US alone for affiliate marketing reached 4. 8 billion dollars in 2016 — outperforming the Belize economy twice over — and affiliate marketing has been predicted to reach nearly seven billion by 2020. These facts validate that affiliate marketing is in good health and continuously evolving. But what is it all about? Let’s first put it simply: what is affiliate marketing and how does it work? Affiliate marketing by definition is a performance based business in which revenue is generated by independent marketers called affiliates who earn a fixed commission paid only when sales are made, leads are confirmed, or any qualified action takes place.

This idea is based on revenue sharing — read more about it: Affiliate Marketing for Dummies: 5 Tips to Help You Start From Scratch. Being an affiliate publisher means having absolute freedom to build your online presence. It’s your independent call on when or where your job gets done, how you reach your customers and optimize the whole marketing process. Affiliate marketing is apparently the easiest online business model to start earning passive income online. On the other hand, it also might happen to be a tough one. All the challenges are on you and performance relies on your determination, approach and the affiliate strategy you choose to follow. All in all, the whole game is about earning a satisfying cut of sales.

Like everything under the sun, affiliate marketing involves both advantages and disadvantages. If you’re wondering how to start with affiliate marketing, explore opportunities and challenges, then this business enables you to have a smooth start. Let’s dive into my affiliate marketing pros and cons list. It’s a big incentive to get your share, isn’t it? It’s just the matter of your decision.

You don’t need to be a marketing expert right away to become an affiliate. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can learn along the way, testing various organic or paid campaigns. Also, there are plenty of ways to run and manage affiliate marketing programs. You work online so that you can do it from your home well enough and then you only have the basic electricity and ISP subscription costs to cover. Optionally, there are additional expenses related to setting up a domain, web hosting operator and also some minor costs about designing layout, etc. Over time you can think of renting a desk at a co-working space, but this is your decision after all and depends whether you are going to miss the office environment or not.