Affiliate marketing programs for instagram

Affiliate marketing programs for instagram

Affiliate marketing on Instagram has opened up the doors for brands and influencers affiliate marketing programs for instagram work creatively together. By utilising the power of word of mouth marketing, consumers are more likely to buy.

Since Instagram started in 2010, influencers have flocked to the platform to increase their audience, traffic, followers and engagement. Instagram’s top posts coming from influencers or brand ambassadors, they are dominating the game when it comes to user generated content, and with statistics showing that Instagram has over 700 million monthly users it is now over twice the size of twitter. Affiliate marketing enables an influencer to earn a commission on each sale they refer to a brand’s website. The brand needs to be working with an affiliate network in order for a sale to be tracked correctly. It is mutually beneficial for both brand and influencers to work together to try to maximise sales. The benefits for brands who work using the affiliate model with Instagram influencers. Brands who work with Instagram influencers on an affiliate basis can expect to see several benefits including increased awareness of your brand.

Increased engagement with your brand When an Instagrammer posts a product picture on Instagram, they usually tag the brand they are promoting in the comment as well as a link to the specific product. This means that when people are browsing and reading the comments your brand will be on the eyes of potential customers. An increase in revenue Word of mouth marketing is incredibly effective and can have an increased conversion rate of up to 4. With this in mind, working with an affiliate is a great plan to bolster your marketing budget. Creating ongoing relationships between bloggers and brands When an influencer works with a brand and it is successful in terms of generating more sales and more engagement, it is more likely that both the influencer and the brand would be interested in repeating it. This is ideal for brands who don’t just want a one-time promotion with a potential new ambassador.

How to create the perfect Instagram profile Whether you are a brand or an influencer, creating a good Instagram profile isn’t as easy as it sounds. In principle it’s simple — take a good photo, upload it, add a filter and upload it. Your Instagram handle The first is to choose a good, memorable username so when people are tagging you in their photos on Instagram they don’t have to search hard to find you. It’s best not to have any strange characters in there too as it can make it more difficult for people to find you. If you have a twitter, the same username can help when people are looking for you. If you are a brand, make sure your Instagram handle is the same as your brand. Your profile picture Next, make sure your profile picture reflects you.

If you are a business it should include your logo and not a photo of yourself. If you’re an individual, generally speaking a head shot will do the trick. Your privacy settings Check to see that your Instagram is accessible to everyone. If you set your account to private then you have to approve each person who wants to follow you, and they can’t see any of your images until they have been approved, which will slow down the whole process of gaining followers.