Affiliate marketing programs 2018

Affiliate marketing programs 2018

In fact, it’s alive, well and evolving. In this blog post, we examine how affiliate marketing programs 2018 marketing is changing, where it’s headed, and the top trends that affiliate marketers should watch.

In the past, many affiliate marketers focused on a catch-all approach, offering traffic up to hundreds or thousands of sites, even if they had little authority or traffic to give. But in 2018, advertisers will laser their focus into smaller groups of highly credible, targeted, and popular influencers. Affiliate marketers are focusing on native. Native ads — advertisements that are consistent with the look, voice, and style of the platform they appear on — will eventually crowd out banner ads. To improve your results, create native ad experiences that your customers enjoy consuming right alongside the rest of their content.

Along with mobile advertising, affiliate marketing will venture further into video, voice and other emerging technologies. While there is still a lot to be seen with how voice impacts advertising and search, the wisest advertisers and publishers are at minimum keeping a close eye on where it leads, and at best are already weaving it into their marketing strategy. To ensure you’re ahead of the curve, make sure you’re testing formats beyond display, and keeping tabs on where your best traffic is coming from and how your customers prefer to consume content. Marketers will need to monitor their vendors and partners for compliance with the GDPR. Vetting relationships will be extremely important, as well as ensuring that each party and your company have the appropriate consents and disclosures concerning collection, tracking, and processing personal data of your customers.

Intelligent tools will be key for monitoring the types and treatment of covered data. The real focus of 2018 will be how to integrate mobile with the rest of the customer journey, so advertisers can better understand customers, re-engage, and avoid wasting retargeting efforts. In 2018, we will see significantly higher numbers of affiliate marketing programs run in truly smart ways. Improved reporting is going to uplevel everyone. Along with better measurement across devices comes better reporting, period. Data will continue to underpin the channel’s success. When one of the world’s most important marketers bemoans the state of digital marketing as opaque and lacking transparency, it sends a clear signal about the opportunity for affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketers are leveraging the best existing technology. Instead of building from the ground up, many networks are leveraging technology that already exists, then building on top of it to customize their systems. Corrigan Neralich, Senior Director of Advertising Operations. If you’re considering building your technology in-house, be sure you weigh the pros and cons. We created an e-book to help you do just that — download our Buy vs DIY white paper here.

You just might find that using an out-of-the-box solution gives you a solid foundation on which to expand and customize your platform. Learn More Affiliate marketing continues to thrive, and we expect 2018 to be a year full of changes as the entire industry gets smarter, more strategic, and united around transparency. Affiliate Summit West, our mid-year roundup of trends, and our posts on getting started with affiliate marketing. Want the goods delivered straight to your inbox? Sign up for our blog recap emails to stay in-the-know about digital marketing, analytics, and optimization.

Groundbreaking mobile content is headed to your inbox. Anna is a TUNE content marketer and an MBA Candidate at the Michael G. She’s also the mentoring and events manager for the TUNE House: scholars. There are thousands of affiliate programs across hundreds of categories. It’s a thought exercise meant to strip the unnecessary elements and keep it simple. This goes a long way when selecting the best affiliate programs for beginners because what’s the point of joining one if they’re difficult? This means covering the fundamentals and then a gradual shift to advanced tactics.