Affiliate marketing on facebook ads

Affiliate marketing on facebook ads

Facebook these days, and it’s not just for affiliate marketing on facebook ads up with college friends or your crazy Aunt Sally either. There is a lot of business that happens on Facebook as well. You may even be considering using Facebook Ads as part of your next affiliate promotion.

If so, this article is for you. Below I’ll share with you 9 tips for running Facebook Ads for affiliate promotions. First Things First Before we get into tips for using Facebook Ads for affiliate promotions, let’s take care of a couple housekeeping things. Don’t EVER run ads directly to your affiliate link. Facebook is all about user experience. They do not want to send people away from their site and you will get banned very quickly if you’re sending traffic to your affiliate link. Instead, you want to send them to your landing page.

More about that in a moment. Ok, now that we got THAT out of the way, let’s go onto the 10 tips for running Facebook Ads for affiliate promotions. Create your own landing pages As we said above, sending people directly to your affiliate link is a great way to get your ads banned. Instead, send them to your own landing page. Or, even better, you can use this as an opportunity to grow your list by turning these people into subscribers to YOUR list, and then sending them onto the content or offer you are promoting. And again, just a reminder, make sure that all your landing pages are compliant with Facebook Ad guidelines.

I started doing paid advertising with my company in the insurance leads industry, when we entered a new market or tested out new keywords, we would only run ads from 1-4pm each day. Because that is when our conversions were the highest. That allowed us to get our best results. I’m not saying you have to be that targeted forever, but when you are starting out and haven’t run ads for an affiliate promotion before, you want to target the absolute best potential people, so be sure you start off hyper-focused. Do you want those 100 clicks to be spread across the entire range of demographics, interests, geography, etc.

Or do you want them focused on the exact person that is most likely to buy the product that you’re offering as an affiliate? REALLY fits that niche — because they typically don’t have any money! Get clear on the end game What is your goal with this set of ads? Is it to support a friend? In other words, your number one objective is to help your friend, not necessarily make money. Is it to boost your standing on an affiliate leaderboard?

10,000, so I’m willing to LOSE some money on my ads because I’ll make it up in the prize money. 1 priority when you start running ads. Know how much time you have Are you building up page likes, which is a long-term strategy? Are you promoting a product launch with only 72 hours left? There’s nothing wrong with either of these goals, but you do need to be clear on how much time you have to run your ads because that will greatly affect the strategy you will use. Make your picture relevant and interesting This is pretty self-explanatory. If you’re promoting an offer related to fitness, have a picture related to fitness.

If you’re promoting a productivity product, have a picture of a stressed out person. As a general rule, across most industries and niches, the best converting color is going to be red. That means red borders, red backgrounds, and red text. However, as we’ll discuss in a later tip, the ultimate solution for your ads is to test it. Tell them what to do Never overestimate people’s ability to read between the lines and know what to do.