Affiliate marketing in nigeria

Affiliate marketing in nigeria

Shopping: What does it take to be an online affiliate marketing in nigeria millionaire? If you’ve always wanted to know everything about affiliate marketing, this is the perfect guide for you.

Do you know you can make smart passive income online by recommending and selling other people’s products through affiliate marketing? Despite all the skepticism about affiliate marketing, I’ve since discovered that you really can do it, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, and you don’t have to rip people off along the way. Understanding what affiliate marketing entails will help you see making money online from the binoculars of possibility, if you haven’t made a dime online. So, let’s dive in and discover what’s involved when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Now, Vendors like independent bloggers who sign up for the program will be paid a certain commission for sales they make for Konga. These vendors could build their own blogs and sell Konga’s products to their own blog visitors who could be potential customers. So, each sale they make on their blog for konga will earn them a certain commission of the total price of the product. For short, if a vendor sells online or any where else, the products of another business with the aim of earning commissions, he’s an affiliate marketer. Note: The revenue sharing ratio will be stated by the business. But first, Let’s talk about how affiliate marketing really works and terms used in affiliate marketing. Using the image above, starting from the Middle.

For example, if I pick products to sell from konga e. Now come to think of thousands of oasdom. The interesting part is, it will be a passive income for me. Affiliate Marketing Terms The following are the terms used in the world of affiliate marketing. You should know what each of these mean.

The Merchant Also known as a seller or retailer, is an individual or a business that sells a product or provides a service. The merchant and affiliate marketers collaborates to promote the products and services. So, in the example above, Konga is the merchant. The Affiliate The Affiliate is an individual who promotes products and services and gets commission on each sale.