Affiliate marketing facebook ads

Affiliate marketing facebook ads

Can I really earn money doing affiliate marketing in Facebook? With Affiliate marketing facebook ads your content appears on top websites worldwide. Taboola promotes your website on top sites driving high-quality traffic and engagement with native ads.

The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Social Media is a tool, blogging is a strategy. Facebook is a social media platform that will take your content and present it, however it won’t do much to promote it unless you pay for it of course and you have essentially zero control over it. And at anytime Facebook can for any reason essentially claim that you violated their terms of service and shut your Facebook page down. Now I’m not saying that they will I’m just saying it could happen. What you should do instead, if you have an ability to be productive on Facebook is use the same strategies but instead of driving traffic to affiliate offer, drive that same traffic to your self hosted blog. Once this traffic hits your self hosted blog you can essentially do anything you want with it.

You can capture leads you can sell products you can recommend affiliate offers you can build your reputation and you can grow your brand. Some people saw you cant sell on Facebook or social media and I say thats simply not true. But one thing you have to understand is all selling has to be done and your self hosted blog. Selling on social media is essentially pre-selling which is an important part of the process that is involved in any successful affiliate marketing campaign. Facebook is a tool not a strategy.

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Can you really make significant money using affiliate marketing? How can I start affiliate marketing on Facebook? How does Facebook earn money from us? Can you still make money from affiliate marketing using social media marketing? How can I start affiliate marketing?