Affiliate marketing europe

Affiliate marketing europe

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To help you create the most effective networking plan for 2018, we’ve gathered all the top affiliate marketing conferences — events that we know will resonate with affiliates and advertisers in our space. Note that we’ve grouped these events by their primary focus first — then by date. To get a full overview of all the events, check out the timeline further below. This series is one of the longest-running affiliate conference series in the world, with massive attendance numbers and a huge range of topics being discussed.

From sweeps and Dating affiliates to Amazon to bloggers and beyond, everyone gathers here. The latest big name in the industry, this series was born organically from one of the most important discussion forums in affiliate marketing, STM. Meetups quickly outgrew themselves, and the polished Affiliate World series was born. These events dot the European map twice per year, with tight-knit groups defining the atmosphere. They’re great events to get in on the ground floor of affiliate marketing, where vague theory is checked at the door and plain, effective knowledge sharing takes center stage.

They’ve launched an offshoot event, AGS, which sees 200 affiliates meet with a small group of operators and sponsors. This creates a safe setting for top-level discussions, but note that invitations are exclusive. These events aren’t part of a series, but they’re still highly valuable in their own right. We cherry-picked these events for their relevance to verticals and overall value for people in our network. Many offer early bird ticket discounts or close registration early. Some are far away — meaning that booking your flight and hotel today will save you hundreds. By planning your 2018 affiliate marketing events schedule in advance, you’ll gain an advantage over the most important competitor of all: the unprepared person you used to be.

ASW is one of the biggest events and always sets a strong tone for the rest of the year. Check out our guide to Las Vegas for more information about the event and to prepare for the 2019 editions. Tickets: Free affiliate passes are usually available in advance via the official website. Why: The re-launch of Affiliate Summit Europe sees a return to London for the first time in 11 years.

This edition will feature all the major draws of an Affiliate Summit-caliber event: a full meet market, outstanding speakers and unparalleled networking opportunities. It’s combined with iGB’s LAC, making it a full package for both affiliates and advertisers. Why: Round three of the Affiliate Summit Conferences series takes place in the Big Apple, and it’s appropriately sized: more than 5,500 attendees will meet to discuss all aspects of affiliate marketing. It’s a great reason to check out New York if you’ve never been, and all the speakers and knowledge will certainly make your trip worthwhile.

Tickets: Five types of passes are available on the official website. Why: The European counterpart to Affiliate World Asia, AWE is one of two STM-sponsored conferences. Many of the conferences on this list either cover a very broad area of focus or a unique niche that may not apply to everyone. We can confidently say that AWE, along with AWA later in the year, will once again stand out as one of the most specifically useful events for our partners in 2018. Tickets: Sales begin in February 2018.