Affiliate marketing ebay

Affiliate marketing ebay

It’s easy — your website visitors or social followers will click the listing, make a purchase and you’ll get paid. We’ll keep track of how many purchases are made from your affiliate marketing ebay and you’ll get paid every month.

Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Affiliates worldwide view ePN as one of the most attractive affiliate programs available because of our unmatched range of inventory, global brand recognition and high conversion rates. Please visit ePN’s website to learn more. Getting started can be as simple as copying and pasting code from our text link wizard to your site, or as advanced as using our API to create more customized solutions. You have the freedom to choose the tools that work best with your technical knowledge, your site’s look and feel, and your goals. You also have the ability to choose the content that will appeal to your audience, by promoting specific items or categories that will resonate with your visitors’ interests.

We keep it simple and transparent by handling all tracking and reporting, and you can view your traffic and earnings details within our Publisher Portal at any time. Build a Partnership Based on Continuous Improvement We view our affiliates as true business partners, and we are constantly improving our analysis tools, products and compensation to ensure that our program is as user friendly and ROI positive as possible for our partners. The reports and analytics in our Publisher Portal will help you measure, test, analyze and optimize your efforts as you move forward. We’re eager to work with you as a partner. Visit our FAQ page for more information, or apply now to get started. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Marketing Create listings that bring in shoppers and sell at the best price.

Shipping Whether you ship across town or around the world, learn how to do it right. Service and Payments Learn how to give great service and get paid. How it works Joining is free and easy How much can I make? Bay is your home for growing your business. By signing up as an affiliate partner, you can offset your seller frees, diversify your revenue streams and increase your earnings. Joining is free and easy Getting started has never been easier, so why wait?

Bay’s revenue share, there’s no limit to your earning potential. Bay’s revenue may vary based on vertical, product or brand, and is only an estimate. Need an in-depth look at how much you’ll earn? Find answers in our FAQ center or email us.