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Affiliate certificate

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The only prerequisite is an interest! Certification Objective ACT is designed to provide an entry-level education of all principles involved in Bob Cooley’s Resistance Flexibility. This includes self stretching, assisted stretching, mashing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Genetic Personality Type concomitance, anatomy, and biomechanical analysis. The program is taught by experienced trainers.

Those interested in training others professionally should know that the distinguishing feature of The Genius of Flexibility’s training programs when compared to other modalities is our priority on improving the health of the trainer before the health of the client. The true measure of success for our trainers is not what they can provide for the client, but instead how developed they are themselves — physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. We believe the trainer must first embody the changes possible through RF before they will ever be able to provide an optimal RF experience for others. This is not a program to train normal fitness professionals. Those interested in personal development will be provided with a powerful tool to improve all aspects of their flexibility along with community support from others who regularly practice self and assisted stretching. Course Structure ACT consists of five levels, each of which allows the participant to fit the training program into their weekly schedule. Levels I-III are offered as weekend courses, comprised of eight hour days including a one hour lunch break.

750 for each course up to Level III, subject to change. Discounts are often available when registering in advance. See our events page for registration details. Levels I-II are offered to anyone interested while Levels III and above are reserved for ACT participants approved by The Genius of Flexibility Center. Interns are assisted by an Elite Trainer for one hour each weekday. Certification manuals are provided to participants at each training. Also available are 9-day immersion certifications which offer Levels I-III in one consecutive block as opposed to separate weekend trainings.