Affiliate beginner

Affiliate beginner

Are you new into affiliate marketing? You want to make money affiliate beginner this but you don’t have any idea which are the best affiliate programs to promote?

I wrote this entire article keeping new affiliate marketers in mind. A novice affiliate marketer has to keep few things in mind that affiliate marketing is a long haul, you need patience and perseverance, don’t imagine that you will be rich in just one month. There will be no fat check in your mailbox. So prepare yourself for a long battle. Newcomers need to know about vendors or merchants or advertisers they are promoting, then choose a product wisely and start promoting through a blog. Content of your blog needs to be powerful hence work on it.

Do not except anything for at least next 6 months. You need to signup affiliate program with all the top online stores so that you can insert your affiliate links in all the deals you post. 100 or even more for selling a single web hosting. There are 2 ways you can start with hosting affiliate. One is by writing reviews on different hosting sites OR other by creating a coupon site that provides coupons for hosting only.

Some of the examples of domain names are hostingcoupontoday . Try to find something with . You can go for other options with country code like . Really great for new marketers because you are already familiar with using Amazon. Some of the advantages are it is very easy to use and a wide variety of product you can choose and promote. Moreover the threshold payment amount is very low and sign up process is also easy. However the commission rates are quite low and that is a big downfall but still you can start with Amazon associates.

The best thing about Rakuten Linkshare is its Rotating banners, just create a rotating banner and that will rotate all ad units. Moreover the interface is also good and there are a lot of merchants to choose from. However the thing that affiliate marketers do not like about this particular program is unpredictable payment schedule. You could get paid within weeks or even it can take 60 days.

You can promote these sites by creating either a job site or a career blog. Other than these sites, you can also promote hundreds of other sites related to Resume, Cover Letter etc. If you are a newbie and want to make money online through affiliate programs then start with ShareASale. But there are so many merchants to promote and anyone of merchant can shut their product down and Share a Sale may not inform you. The threshold amount is also very low and they pay you in multiple currency. So new affiliate marketers can avoid Affiliate Window. It is one of the most trusted affiliate networks in the world.

In fact, I have started my internet marketing career with CJ only. You can choose any program from its wide variety of advertiser’s list. They got great reporting features and you get paid on time every month. Really great for new affiliate marketers.

However, getting approval from advertisers to promote a program could be difficult because not all of them approve especially a newcomer. The network offers some serious benefits for new affiliate marketers. They pay you weekly or monthly plus threshold amount is also very low. However, you need to be careful with choosing products because many of them are just trash. You can find more details at apple. The commission is rate is low and there are fewer products to promote. Moreover the approval is also very tough.

However some other great things are they pay you monthly, weekly and even daily in all kinds of payment mode. The network is not very good for new affiliate marketers. Flipkart is the number one e-commerce site in India with millions of consumers. Hence for affiliate marketers there is a huge potential.

The program has many pros and cons. But what I like about this program is that you can place their advertisement in emails and newsletters. It is great for new affiliate marketers to start with. The first thing about this program is that getting permission is very tough and they can ban you anytime if they like it. Moreover the threshold income is also very high and payment procedure is also not very partial.

So V commission has many problems especially for new affiliate marketers. The current figure is over 5000 merchants. Some of the top merchants are like Macys, Sear, Target etc. You can earn not just promoting products but also through referrals if you get to sign up your friends then you get a commission. The payouts are also very fast. However there is no Pay Pal as payment mode.