888sport affiliates

888sport affiliates

888games offers above 888sport affiliates else, a great selection of games. With hot games such as Spiderman, Bejewelled, Fantastic Four, 3D roulette and so much more, 888games will have your customers converting in no time at all. 888games is a very flashy site which would make an excellent addition to any affiliates online gaming promotional strategy. It’s simple to use and the gaming action is quick and satisfying.

Are you keen to add 888games to your growing suite of gaming online websites? 888games become a marketing dynamo for you. The gaming system of 888games is solid, the games are plentiful and the jackpots are immense. Slots, Jackpots, Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Live-Dealer, Games, etc. If you’d like to add this brand to your portfolio, then contact your personalized manager for details about commission structures available and boost your ROI.

If you don’t have an account yet, Sign Up for one. A validation email has been sent to you. Uffiliates is the betting affiliate program that webmasters can join in order to promote the big 888 betting firm. Well everything in 888’s garden is far from rosy for affiliates. 888 impose tariffs, have reduced commissions for sports to unworkable levels and have dropped revenue share for poker. They have a lot of affiliate managers but getting any of them to respond to queries is hard work.

Their support email tends to be ignored and the telephone numbers they advertise for affiliates to contact them are either constantly engaged or inaccessible. This is patently a deliberate ploy. They also apply negative rollover to commissions. As for the products, they have 888 Poker, also known as Pacific Poker, plus you have the option of promoting online bingo and, if you are feeling very charitable as the commissions are a joke, sports betting.

888 are a Plc and although listed on the London Stock Exchange, they are located in the tax-free jurisdiction of Gibraltar. However the affiliate department is based in Israel, a hotbed of badly-managed affiliate departments. The actual Uffiliates affiliate software is good. The marketing and reporting sections are user friendly and trustworthy. 888 has a high brand recognition in the UK and Europe. As we have mentioned before, this helps conversions.

If you introduce a client to a betting company they have already heard of they will have much more confidence to part with their money. The revenue share reward for webmasters is the typical progressive percentage of referred clients losses. Unfortunately there is negative rollover, so if your clients do have a winning month this negative is carried forward to the next calendar month. The poker is now CPA only.

They even stated affiliates prefer CPA for poker except those involved in rakeback abuse! That is not only insulting the intelligence, it is also total gibberish. Any affiliate worth his salt will want to build a long-standing business. CPA does not help to do that while revenue share does.

They never told anybody about that despicable piece of retrospective shaving and nobody in their right mind could possibly promote 888 Sports on that basis. You would be better off just making a charitable donation to 888 instead. They must need the money more than you. Their tariffs are getting ever more complicated and seem to be designed to bamboozle affiliates and ultimately give them a poor overall deal, another trademark of the Israel-based affiliate programs. These changes signal a nasty anti-affiliate attitude that is an unwelcome development from 888. The entire department needs an overhaul and the complex and mean-spirited tariffs need simplifying.

You might be better off just sticking to promoting betting firms that don’t look to reduce commissions retrospectively. Check this box to confirm you are human. There are trust issues with 888 affiliates, always have been. Way too much bad press generally.